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Reality shows we'd like to see

"The Muppets," starring Jason Segal Photo Credit: Handout

Every day, it seems as though some television network is annoucing yet another new reality series.

amNewYork decided to put ourselves in the producer’s chair and pick some celebrities we’d like to see with their own reality series.

Jason Segel
Doing what? Hosting a competition show where people have to create Muppets.
Why? Segel, the star of “How I Met Your Mother,” worked his magic with puppets in “Forgetting Sarah Marshall,” with his unforgettable rendition of “Dracula’s Lament.” Now he’s written and is starring in “The Muppets,” due out in November. This is a perfect match.

Gilbert Arenas
Doing what? Whatever the enigmatic basketball player, now on the Orlando Magic, does.
Why? Arenas is a trip. The long-time Washington Wizard, who was traded to Orlando late last year, spent much of his time in our nation’s capital sporting kooky nicknames such as “Agent Zero” and “Hibachi” and writing an insane, controversial blog, which was voted best celebrity blog in 2007. These days, there are stories about his lavish lifestyle, which, The Washington Post reported, includes paying $5,000 a month to feed his sharks. Sharks!

Charlie Sheen
Doing what? Getting interventions each week. First could be for cocaine; next week, for booze. Week after that could be prostitutes. It’ll just keep going.
Why? Just do a quick Google search on Sheen and it’ll look more like a rap sheet than a filmography. The star of “Two and a Half Men” has reportedly been on a bender for the past few years, getting arrested on assault charges against his wife, going into rehab, wrecking havoc on hotels and cavorting with porn stars. Last week, he was taken to the hospital complaining about “severe abdominal pains” after “hanging out” for 36 hours with some adult-film stars in his home, MTV reported. Now he’s back in rehab. This series could run forever.

Helena Bonham Carter
Doing what? Living her life along with her partner, the wild-haired director Tim Burton.
Why? Though Bonham Carter, who is up for an Oscar for best supporting actress this year for “The King’s Speech,” is rarely on the gossip page, it’s all about the company you keep. A reality show about her, Burton and her good friend (and child’s godfather) Johnny Depp, would be must-see TV.

Joe Quesada and Dan DiDio
Doing what? Judging a competition to find the next great comic book artist.
Why? Quesada, the chief creative officer of Marvel Entertainment and Dan DiDio, the co-publisher of DC Comics, have been guiding the comic book industry for the past few years and would be great judges. Both have proven to be incredibly charismatic hosting panels at comic conventions, and both have a keen eye for talent.


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