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NewsNew York

Rebecca Taylor designs frocks for Fashion Week 'ambassadors'



No boring hotel uniforms for these gals.

The Empire Hotel's Fashion Week "ambassadors" will be decked out in strapless black-and-nude Rebecca Taylor dresses starting next week.

The ambassadors will be stationed in the lobby of the Empire Hotel — which is across the street from Fashion Week's home at Lincoln Center — from 6 a.m.-11 p.m. daily between Feb. 10 and 16. They'll be equipped with maps of the Lincoln Center area, information on what's happening at the hotel during Fashion Week and style "mishap" kits.

“My design for the dress was inspired by the hotel’s interior design — modern, chic and sexy all wrapped in one," Taylor said.

The hotel is auctioning off packages that include dresses and tickets to Taylor's Fall 2011 fashion show on Charity Buzz's website. Proceeds go to New York Foundling, which provides services for children in need. 

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