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Rep. Anthony Weiner owed more than $2k in parking tix


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Rep. Anthony Weiner likes to rant about diplomats' unpaid parking tickets, but it turns out he's been parking on the wrong side of the law for years.

The Queens Democrat racked up nearly $2,180 in parking violations on Capitol Hill between 2007 and early March, the newspaper Roll Call reported yesterday, adding that Weiner paid up only after the paper contacted him.

"He is pleased to have helped decrease the D.C. budget deficit," Weiner spokesman Dave Arnold told the paper. He said that Weiner didn’t receive notifications because his address wasn't listed in the D.C. motor vehicles’ records.

While Congressmen have immunity from some parking violations, they still can accrue fines, Roll Call said.

Weiner has long condemned foreign diplomats for ignoring the city's parking laws and racking up still-unpaid debts. Last year he introduced legislation to force 180 nations to pay their outstanding parking tickets, which total upwards of $18 million

“Diplomats park illegally, ignore paying their parking tickets and expect New Yorkers to pick up the tab," he said at the time.

The Roll Call surveyed parking lots on Capitol Hill and at Ronald Reagan Washington National airport and found that lawmakers have incurred at least $15,000 in outstanding parking tickets, $11,500 of which was in default.

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