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Report: Ex-cops in rape case accused of badgering other woman


copecase Credit: Jefferson Siegel

The two ex-NYPD officers acquitted of raping a drunken East Village woman in 2008 were previously accused of harassed and manhandling a different drunken woman a few months before, but her case was never heard in their rape trial, according to published reports.

Former officers Kenneth Moreno, 43, and Franklin Mata, 29, were found not guilty last month in the rape of a then-27-year-old fashion exec at her apartment on Dec. 7.

But after seeing the officers on TV, a now-24-year-old Long Island University student spoke to The Village Voice with her claims that they verbally abused her and shoved her while she tried to report a theft on April 21, 2008.

"I was shocked and upset that they didn't use my case in the trial," the unnamed woman told The Village Voice. "My case could have helped ... It shows a pattern of misconduct."

Both cops were found guilty of misconduct and were immediately fired after the rape trial. Their attorneys didn't return requests for comment.

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