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Revamped 'Spider-man' returns to Broadway Thursday night

An undated photo shows a posted for "Spider-man:

An undated photo shows a posted for "Spider-man: Turn Off The Dark." Credit: Getty Images

Spidey’s web will start slinging again Thurday — and hopefully it will get a little less tangled.

“Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark,” which took a three-week hiatus after playing a record-breaking 145 preview performances and delaying its opening night multiple times, will resume performances on Broadway tonight in a much revised version that has been hyped as “Spider-Man 2.0.”

Marred by cast-member injuries, technical glitches and bad reviews, the revamped show is slated to officially open on June 14.

The biggest change of all was the ouster of original director Julie Taymor, who remains involved with the show in name only. Her curiously avant-garde vision has been largely discarded for a more comprehensible version that producers hope will have mass audience appeal.

“We salute the artists and performers who have made this show an exciting reality, and we look forward to getting to the finish line,” lead producers Michael Cohl and Jeremiah J. Harris said in a joint statement at the start of the show’s hiatus.

Taymor’s replacement, Philip William McKinley, is better known for directing circus events than theater. Robert Aguirre-Sacasa, a playwright who has also written Spider-Man comics, was brought on to rewrite some scenes.

Meanwhile, Christopher Tierney, the dancer and stuntman who fractured his skull and suffered broken ribs and vertebrae after he fell 35 feet during a Dec. 20 preview, has finally returned to the cast after a long recovery

As a result of the changes and shutdown, the price tag to produce the spectacle has risen from $65 to $70 million.

Major changes:

• The Green Goblin will replace Arachne, a myth-inspired creation by Julie Taymor, as the main villain
• More scenes that emphasize the relationship between Peter Parker, Uncle Ben, Aunt May and Mary Jane
• New music by Bono
• Five new flying sequences
• Improved sound design

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