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Review: DVD & Blu-ray highlights

Larry Sanders

Larry Sanders Credit: Handout

'The Larry Sanders Show'
Before “Knocked Up,” “40-Year-Old Virgin,” “Undeclared” and “Freaks and Geeks,” Judd Apatow was a writer and producer on the Emmy-winning HBO series “The Larry Sanders Show.” Starring Garry Shandling, Rip Torn and Jeffrey Tambor, this faux-talk show featured celebrities, playing exaggerated versions of themselves. This was trailblazing television that helped pave the way for hard-hitting comedy series on HBO. The 89-episode, mid-‘90s series is finally getting a proper release. Season One came out in 2002 and all we’d had since then was a best-of collection. The season sets are finally continuing today, with the second season and the complete series for you impatient types. Now can someone get the complete “Arli$$” out next, please? (Season Two, $34.93; Full set, $149.99)

‘The Pacific’
Arriving in an oversized metal case like it’s brethren “Band of Brothers,” “The Pacific,” HBO’s epic World War II miniseries was an intense, brutal piece of entertainment. Your dad (and mine) is going to need a gift for the holidays, and you know he’s going to love this. (DVD, $79.98; Blu-ray; Blu-ray, $99.98)

‘Toy Story 3’
The highest-grossing animated movie needs no introduction. It’s one of the rare film sequels that is as good — if not better — than its predecessors. It’s funny, scary, delightful and essential. (DVD, $29.99; Blu-ray/DVD combo, $45.99)

‘The Goonies: 25th Anniversary Collector’s Edition'
I love this movie. It’s the perfect adventure movie. This new version home edition of the film has more treasures than One-Eyed Willie’s pirate ship, with a board game (!), storyboard cards and more. Goonies might never say die, but this Goonie says buy this set. (DVD, $39.99; Blu-ray, $49.99)

‘V: The Complete First Season’
The new iteration of the classic ’80s sci-fi series had trouble getting a footing, dangling on the edge of cancellation. But the alien invasion series made it and has a second season starting in January. (DVD, $39.98; Blu-ray, $49.99)

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