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Rewind: Don't travel to 'The Tourist'

Depp and Jolie in "The Tourist"

Depp and Jolie in "The Tourist" Credit: Handout

‘The Tourist’
Pairing Johnny Depp and Angelina Jolie seems like an automatic recipe for success, but oh boy, the muddled spy movie "The Tourist" was a boring dud. The most exciting part might be the director’s name: Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck. That’s 29 letters! (DVD, $28.95; Blu-ray, $38.96)

‘Yogi Bear’
Yet another cultural milestone from my childhood that Hollywood has no respect for. I’ll give you some bad-joke options: "Even a dumber-than-the-average bear wouldn’t want to see this" or "This film is a giant boo-boo." (DVD, $28.98; Blu-ray, $35.99)

‘Stand By Me’
This 25th anniversary Blu-ray edition of the classic, super-fun story about growing up, friendship and ... a dead body ... features commentary by director Rob Reiner and stars Wil Wheaton and Corey Feldman. (Blu-ray, $24.95)

‘How Do You Know’
The usually awesome James L. Brooks stumbles with this star-studded (Jack Nicholson and more!) flop of a relationship dramedy. And where the heck is the question mark? (DVD, $28.95; Blu-ray, $34.95)

This Cartoon Network CGI movie focuses on a half-human, half-dragon boy -- and you thought your childhood was tough. (DVD, $19.98; Blu-ray, $28.99)

This second-tier sci-fi alien-invasion flick -- and "flick" is the operative term here -- stars two solid character actors: Eric Balfour and Donald Faison. Roger Corman should be proud. (DVD, $29.98; Blu-ray, $39.98)

‘WWE Elimination Chamber 2011’
All the wrestling superstars are here, but the real draw is the giant steel cage that houses the six-man matches. (DVD, $24.95)

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