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Rewind: 'Fast Five' a fine action flick

Fast Five

Fast Five

I’ve said some shocking — even appalling — things in my life, but nothing more shocking (at least to me) than “I really like this!” after watching “Fast Five,” the latest installment of Vin Diesel and Paul Walker’s “Fast and the Furious” series. Having seen the first one and the trailers for the next three, I thought the franchise was uniformly awful. But with “Fast Five,” the bar hasn’t just been raised — it’s been jettisoned upward by a nitro blast. The film features a who’s who from all the previous “Fast” movies, brought together in the tradition of “Ocean’s 11” for a big heist. The fast driving is still here (see: the final stunt), but it almost takes a back seat to the intricate machinations of the heist. And then there’s the Rock, Dwayne Johnson, as the badass supercop who serves as a foil for Diesel and crew. This is how you make an action film. (DVD, $29.98; DVD/Blu-ray combo, $34.98)

Drink Up

‘Ken Burns: Prohibition’
The master documentarian’s look at the Prohibition era gets a quick release (the final part airs tonight). (DVD, $39.99; Blu-ray, $44.99)

Don’t Answer The Phone

‘Scream 4’
Who says you can’t go home again? Neve Campbell, Courtney Cox and David Arquette reunite for a new sequel to the Wes Craven screamer. (DVD, $29.98; Blu-ray, $39.99)


‘Beavis & Butthead: Mike Judge’s Most Wanted’
Heh, heh, heh. Behold the Great Cornholio and other favorites! Refamiliarize yourself before the 1990s toon returns to MTV later this year. (DVD, $14.98)


‘Disneynature: African Cats’:
The new Disneynature doc takes a look at the felines of Africa with narration by Samuel L. Jackson. (Two-disc Blu-ray/DVD Combo, $39.99)


This critically acclaimed documentary looks at Buck Brannaman and his work with horses. (DVD, $24.98)

Pinstripe Pride

Yankeeography Collector’s Edition DVD Megaset’
For the Yankee fan who has everything! This massive collection includes 37 “Yankeeography” episodes looking at some of the finest players to don the pinstripes, plus eight more Yankee documentaries and a 32-page book. (DVD, $179.95)

New To Blu

‘Pulp Fiction’
Quentin Tarantino’s classic makes its Blu-ray debut with a bunch of new features: an upgraded transfer, new cast interviews and a “Critics’ Retrospective on the Movie’s Place in Film History.” (Blu-ray, 19.99)


‘The Lion King: Diamond Edition’
If you enjoyed seeing the classic Disney animated feature back in theaters — and a look at the box office numbers shows you did — then you might as well upgrade to the Diamond Edition, which includes four new deleted scenes and a bunch of other extras. (Two-disc DVD/Bluray Combo, $39.99; fourdisc Blu-ray 3D/Blu-ray/DVD Combo, $49.99)

Bang, Zoom

‘The Honeymooners: Lost Episodes 1951-1957’
In celebration of the 60th anniversary of “The Honeymooners,” check out these ultra-rare sketches and shows that were culled directly from the archives of Jackie Gleason. (DVD, $129.98)

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