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Rewind: 'Inception' DVD is a dream

No. 49 - Inception Box office gross: $292,576,195

No. 49 - Inception
Box office gross: $292,576,195
Release year: 2010
Cast: Leonardo DiCaprio, Ken Watanabe. Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Marion Cotillard, Ellen Page
Credit: Handout

This year’s biggest and most talked-about film needs no introduction. ‘Inception’ (DVD, $28.98; Blu-ray/DVD combo, $35.99) is a masterpiece of filmmaking and the strongest reason I can offer for the necessity — and I really do mean necessity — of owning this film is that it requires multiple viewings. And maybe after 10 or so viewings, with scrupulous notes, I’ll have come to a realization about what happened in the end.

‘Hunter Prey’
In 2003, Sandy Collora made an independent short film, “Batman: Dead End,” which took the Internet by storm. “Hunter Pray” marks Collora’s feature-length debut, and it’s a pretty awesome sci-fi film. (DVD, $24.98)

‘Shrek Forever After’
For those of you who kept on with the big green ogre franchise, here’s the final installment. Of course, they’re making a Puss in Boots movie, so we likely haven’t seen the last of him. (DVD, $29.99; Blu-ray, $34.99; Blu-ray/DVD combo, $49.99)

‘Cronos: The Criterion Collection’
Before he took the horror world by storm with “Pan’s Labyrinth” and the “Hellboy” movies, Guillermo del Toro made his debut with the creepy thriller “Cronos.” (DVD, $29.95; Blu-ray, $39.95)

‘Hoarders Season Two: Part One’
Make sure that when you purchase this “Hoarders” for your media collection, it doesn’t become the start of a collection so massive that you get on the show. Be careful. (DVD, $19.95)

‘Lennon NYC’
For anyone who wants to know John Lennon’s favorite spots in the Big Apple, look no further. (DVD, $24.95; Blu-ray, $34.95)

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