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Riders endure first workday with cuts; transit union inspections delay service

Confusion reigned Monday for many straphangers who scrutinized subway maps and waited for buses that never came after the biggest service cuts in 30 years swept across the city’s transit system.

“It’s pretty inconvenient,” said Robert Luis, 29, who waited at Broad Street for an M train until he realized the line would no longer serve that station.

Snafus that popped up Monday included:

- M trains were found to be more crowded than the Vs they replaced in Queens.

- People waiting for the truncated M10 bus at the Port Authority resorted to taking cabs, as many of the signs didn’t tell them where to go.

— Old subway maps remain in stations and bus stop poles continue to advertise routes no longer stopping there. The city said it could take weeks before the signage is corrected.

— A taxi ride-share stand that was set up in the aftermath of cancelled bus routes debuted yesterday at York Avenue and East 70th Street but only had a few takers.

- In response to the cuts, the transit union conducted safety inspections that delayed service on the M in the morning, officials said. They also took dozens of northern Manhattan and Bronx buses out of service that caused delays of up to an hour and a half.

“We expect that travel will become smoother as customers become more familiar with their new routes,” a NYC transit spokesman said

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