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Rikers Island jail brawl leaves 4 correction officers, several inmates injured

This March 16, 2011 shows a security fence

This March 16, 2011 shows a security fence that surrounds the inmate housing on New York's Rikers Island correctional facility. Credit: AP

A late-night brawl that erupted at the Rikers Island jail complex in New York City has left four correction officers and several inmates injured.

A Correction Department spokesman says the fracas at the George Vierno Center started late Friday. It was not immediately clear how the fight began.

Four correction officers were treated for exposure to an unknown chemical agent. Several inmates also suffered minor injuries.

The spokesman says officers responded within minutes. The scuffle is under investigation.

Rikers Island is located in the waters of Long Island Sound near LaGuardia Airport. It is the city's primary jail.

It predominantly holds inmates awaiting trial or serving sentences of less than a year. About 12,000 inmates are housed there.

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