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Rob Zombie: The 'Lord' of horror

Sheri Moon Zombie in

Sheri Moon Zombie in "The Lords of Salem" Credit: Sheri Moon Zombie in "The Lords of Salem"

It’s a busy month for Rob Zombie. His sixth feature filmmaking directorial effort, “The Lords of Salem,” opens tomorrow, and is followed by Tuesday’s release of his album “Venomous Rat Regeneration Vendor.”

amNewYork spoke with Zombie, 48, about his flick, which follows a DJ threatened by a centuries-old coven of witches, and the album.

Were you looking to go in a different direction, in terms of tone, after the “Halloween” movies? I was even looking to go in a different tone within the “Halloween” series ... When this came up, that was my goal, because the opportunity arose to have complete control, final cut,that was the deal I struck with this film.

What are your influences here? Director Dario Argento comes to mind.
There was no one particular thing, but as I was trying to get across to my cinematographer what I was thinking we watched certain films. “Suspiria,” Argento’s “Suspiria” was one. Although I don’t know how much of that really came into play. ... Any of [Stanley Kubrick’s] films — the pacing, that slow, meticulous manner with very composed framing — that was another one.

You don’t see a lot of horror movies with that Kubrickian vibe these days. Why is that? The problem I see with horror films is not the filmmakers or the films necessarily, it’s the business side of things, because the business side of things looks at horror movies as just a quick, cheap way to make a profit.

What can fans expect from the album? It’s, to me, the best of all worlds of the music I’ve done over the years. Every once in a while, like with anything, you have your ups and downs of feeling creatively on the mark.

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