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Rocking out for relief on 12-12-12

Paul McCartney performs on stage during the finale

Paul McCartney performs on stage during the finale of "12-12-12" Credit: Paul McCartney performs on stage during the finale of "12-12-12." (Getty Images)

While the biggest names in music were taking the Madison Square Gardon stage for six-plus hours, backstage at "12/12/12" was filled with A-listers who were either part of the show or just taking in the scene.

The cast of "The Sopranos," minus Edie Falco and Jamie-Lynn Sigler, spent a long time manning the phones taking donations.

And they were clearly taking it seriously, keeping the chit-chat amongst themselves to a minimum. The only thing that seemed to distract James Gandolfini - who hobnobbed with Chris Rock before getting to work - was when the Rolling Stones performed on the monitor above him. While most of the cast looked just as they did on the iconic show, Joe Pantoliano seems to have taken on a Truman Capote approach to fashion.

A typically glowing Susan Sarandon hung around the phone pit, stopping to take a picture or two with Whoopi Goldberg.

Sean Lennon, with his stunning gal pal, was taking in the scene backstage. Lennon told us that he's working on starting a new record label, and taking a little break from releasing new music. We're not sure if he stuck around till 12:30 to catch Paul McCartney's set.

We were hoping for a glimpse of Kanye West to see if he would keep his skirt on all night, but, alas, it was not to be.

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