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Rosie Pope helps the expecting in 'Pregnant in Heels'

Rosie Pope, right, helps an expecting father feel

Rosie Pope, right, helps an expecting father feel what his wife is going through in "Pregnant in Heels" Credit: handout

There’s a new wife getting real on Bravo on Tuesdays.

Rosie Pope, who runs Rosie Pope Maternity on the UES, is the star of the new reality series, “Pregnant in Heels,” in which she caters to the needs of expecting families, from setting up the nursery to picking out a name.

amNewYork spoke with Pope about the show, which debuts tomorrow.

How did the show come about?
I was pregnant with my first son and we were opening our first store. And, as usual in New York, the construction was not being finished on time — I was actually screaming at the construction workers at nine months pregnant in the heat of the summer, and a producer walked past. A pregnant woman, running a business working with pregnant women — it’s the ideal TV show!

Are a lot of your clients as demanding as the ones that are on the show?
I have customers with every kind of personality you can imagine, so they’re all very different. And women have such vastly different pregnancies that I think they’re demanding in different ways.

You must be very patient.
I’ve watched [my husband] be very patient with me — it’s the least I can do for everybody else.

What mindset do you need to handle pregnant women?
I think because I’ve been through pregnancies myself, I know what happens after you have a baby. I just have to remember what they’re about to go through. They need as much support as they can get through the pregnancy months, so by the time they actually get to having the baby, they can be as happy as they can be and in the best place possible.

What is the most outlandish thing you’ve ever had to do for a client?
I had to design a couture wedding gown for a woman to give birth in.

Would you actually recommend pregnant women to walk in heels?
It depends. I would recommend people who wear heels to wear wedges because it’s thicker than a heel and safer. I would recommend switching it up, not [wearing] heels every second of your nine months. But it’s always nice to throw them on and feel you’re sexy or attractive.

On TV: “Pregnant in Heels” debuts Tuesday at 10 p.m. on Bravo.


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