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Roundup: All the silly, silly things Jon Huntsman's daughters do


amny Credit: Courtesy of the Jon 2012 Girls' Twitter acount

Aside from the, you know, actual candidates, the breakout stars of the 2012 election season have been Jon Huntman's three daughters, affectionately known as the Jon 2012 Girls.

The trio of twentysomethings -- Liddy, Abby and Mary Anne -- have given Huntsman's campaign a viral edge, tweeting unusual and silly musings, posting funny photos and generally giving some vibrancy so the trail. Irritating? Undoubtedly. But least they're keeping things interesting.

But it was a video they filmed mocking Herman Cain's campaign that elevated them political super-star status, earning them coverage in blogs all over and racking up more than 300,000 views on the YouTube. In it, the girls poked fun at Cain's Chief of Staff Mark Bloc's mustache, on-camera smoking and emphatic enthusiasm about his candidate. (Watch below.)

Thursday they were back again in full force, this time putting their own spin on Justin Timberlake's seminal hit "SexyBack." " We're bringing Huntsman back ... The rest of them is one big circus act," they intone.

They go on:

Herman Cain, we like your pizza but you can't explain
How 9-9-9 will get us back in shape
So pass the pizza man, we won't complain

Soooo yeah. Pretty great.

Here are videos and photos of the rest of their silly, silly antics

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