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Roundup: Violence, pepper spray abound on this year's Black Friday


amny Credit: Shoppers on Black Friday at Macy's, where there were no reported problems/Getty

The annual shopping madness of Black Friday seemed especially brutal this year. Here are some of the major incidents of mayhem:

- A woman doused fellow shoppers with pepper spray as she rushed to get a discounted Xbox 360 console at a Walmart near Los Angeles. She turned herself in Saturday, but it's unknown whether she'll be charged with a crime.

- At a Walmart in Los Angeles, a woman reportedly used pepper spray on shoppers who tried to cut her in line, injuring at least 15 people. It was unknown whether she'll be charged.

- In northern California, a man was shot and critically wounded by robbers trying to steal newly purchased merchandise in a parking lot outside a Walmart in San Leandro, near Oakland, Friday morning. One suspect was in custody, but it's unclear whether he was the shooter.

- A man in Rome, N.Y., was charged with disorderly after a fight broke out just after midnight in line at a Walmart, according to NBC station WSTM of Syracuse. That was just one of several fights at that Walmart, which left at least two shoppers hospitalized with minor injuries.

- A police officer released a "puff" of pepper spray into a crowd of shoppers at a North Carolina Walmart to calm them down, affecting at least 20 people, according to WITN of Washington, N.C. At least one person was arrested.

- Shoppers at a West Virginia Target stepped around and over a dying man on the ground who collapsed after becoming ill inside the store, according to The Charleston Gazette. After a nurse came to his aid, the man was taken to a hospital, where he later died.

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