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Ryan Gosling still searching for 'soulmate'

Ryan Gosling

Ryan Gosling Credit: Getty

Calling all ladies: New York’s most recent transplant — Ryan Gosling — may be in the market for a soulmate ... well, one besides his dog, George.

“I’ve had [George] for 11 years — it’s the longest relationship I’ve ever had,” the 30-year-old actor dished during a media event this week for his upcoming movie “Crazy, Stupid, Love.”

“I’ve been getting the soulmate question a lot lately, and I don’t really know — but I would like to know,” continued Gosling, who hasn’t seriously been linked to anyone since his split from longtime girlfriend Rachel McAdams back in ’07.

But that doesn’t mean Gosling doesn’t attract swooning fans, including his “Crazy, Stupid, Love” co-star, Emma Stone, who gushed that she’d “gladly do any movie with” the Academy Award nominee.

“I learned that you can meet people you would seriously want to do every movie with,” Stone said. “And I’ve gotten that in Ryan.”

Stone, 22, also learned  a thing or two from her 51-year-old co-star Julianne Moore — even if it wasn’t about acting.

“I’m always telling Emma to wear sunscreen and not to drink soda — it’s bad for her bones,” said Moore, whose red hair and fair skin mirror Stone’s.

But the up-and-coming actress said she just can’t resist the summertime rays.

“I spend an inappropriate amount of time in the sunlight trying to get more freckles,” Stone said. “Julianne would kill me if she knew that.”

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