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Sample some of the city's best apple pies

Butter and Scotch's take on apple pie takes

Butter and Scotch's take on apple pie takes the American classic to a new level. Credit: Butter and Scotch's take on apple pie takes the American classic to a new level.

No other food is more declarative of national pride than apple pie. American soldiers in World War II, when asked why they were fighting, replied with: “For mom and apple pie.”

Make it your quest to commemorate the Fourth of July this year by sampling variations of the cultural icon from these spots:

1. Four and Twenty Blackbirds
Orders can now be placed for whole pies ($38) in celebration of the national fete. Opt for the salted caramel apple pie ($4.50 a slice), whose filling is made fragrant with fresh lemons and Angostura bitters. 439 Third Ave., 718-499-2917,

2. Two Little Red Hens
Indulge in a slice of double crust apple pie ($4.50) at this sanctum of home-baked goods, which is also known for its chocolate pecan and “harvest” (apples, pears and walnuts) pies. 1652 Second Ave., 212-452-0476,

3. Little Pie Co.
The sour apple walnut cream pie ($8 a slice) is both the Little Pie Co.’s best-seller and a must try for the Fourth of July holiday. Sliced Granny Smith apples are enrobed in fresh sour cream, and the entire concoction is topped with brown sugar, cinnamon and walnut streusel. 424 W. 43rd St., 212-736-4780,

4. Catch
Saturated with Bourbon meringue and raisins, the apple pie ($12 a slice) at this seafood restaurant is served with vanilla ice cream. Finish your meal of red snapper and crab tagliatelle with this exquisite treat. 21 Ninth Ave., 212-392-5978;

5. Chiffon Kosher Cake Center
Famous for having three kinds of apple pie — lattice- and crumble-top, and one with apple slices on top — Chiffon’s has been in business since the ’50s and has kept intact a century of Jewish baking tradition ($10-12 per pie). 430 Avenue P, Midwood, 718-998-7530

6. Pies ’n’ Thighs
Granny Smith apples spiced with cinnamon are encased in an all-butter crust at this fried-chicken and biscuits joint. The pie ($4.50 a slice) is served with cheddar cheese. 166 S. Fourth St., Brooklyn, 347-529-6090;

7. Butter and Scotch
For your outdoor picnic, prepare slices of this beautiful avant-garde candy apple pie, which has an all-butter crust drizzled with a cinnamon candy shell, encasing a mix of local apples and apple cider caramel. Whole pies ($35) can be purchased through the website,, and can be sampled at the Brooklyn Flea. Brooklyn Flea, Lafayette and Vanderbilt streets, Fort Greene.

8. Baked
Visit this waterfront store in Red Hook for some scrumptious pie ($3.75 a slice) with hearty apple chunks, vanilla bean, cinnamon and a splash of bourbon. 359 Van Burnt St., Brooklyn, 718-222-0345;

9. Bubby’s
The apple pie here ($8 a slice) is a rendition of the classic pie. The apples, chosen from a nearby farmers market, are sautéed first in butter. The crust remains graceful and structured even after the baking. 120 Hudson St., 212-219-0666;

10. Paramount Bar & Grill
Skip the traditional pastry and go for the apple-pie-bourbon milkshake at this hotel restaurant. Apples, cinnamon, brown sugar, bourbon and pie crust ingredients are blended with vanilla ice cream. 235 W. 46th St., 212-827-4116;

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