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Sandra Lee is 'first lady' of food

Sandra Lee

Sandra Lee Credit: Getty Images

Those of us who are Food Network junkies — and honestly, who among us isn’t? — are pretty stoked at the prospect of one of its stars, Sandra Lee, being our state’s First Gal Pal.

We’re picturing the governor’s mansion swathed in “tablescape” decorations, and the Cuomo administration enjoying Lee’s trademark “cocktail time” each day. Lee, who met the 52-year-old divorced father of three girls in 2005, wrote a book devoted to electric-colored cocktails.

While Lee herself admits that she cooks more for middle-America than for New Yorkers, as Andrew Cuomo’s girlfriend, she better get used to pleasing East Coast palates.

Either way, we’re sure she’ll serve up many of her “70 percent ready-made products, with 30 percent fresh” ingredients, in Albany. Here’s what a Sandra Lee victory meal at the governor’s mansion might include:

Starter: White cheese and sausage dip. This recipe, which consists of Queso-melt cheese dip, sausage crumbles and a fresh, diced red bell pepper, is in “Sandra Lee Semi-Homemade Magazine” this month.

Main: The famous lasagna. Lee and Andrew Cuomo’s mom, Matilda, made headlines last June after Mrs. Cuomo questioned Lee’s lasagna-making chops. Of Lee’s Lasagna — which includes cottage cheese and tomato soup — Mrs. Cuomo said, “that’s not the way you make lasagna.” It’s gonna take more than a comment like that to stop the steadfast Lee. We suspect she’ll regularly whip up this dish.

Dessert: Doughnut tree. This recipe, available at, is actually 100 percent store-bought. It consists of canned frosting, mini powdered-sugar doughnuts or doughnut holes, Green jelly candy mint leaves and blue jelly beans arranged to look like a Christmas tree. Lee also has recipes for Hannukah and Kwanzaa cakes.

Cocktail: Merry martini. We have a feeling that Cuomo and Lee will be feeling pretty pleased, and what better way to celebrate than with her “Merry Martini”? The drink, also in the current issue of her magazine, is made with Midori, orange vodka and Cranberry or apple juice. Its green color could score some points with Cuomo’s environmentally-minded constituents.




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