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Searching for a job is like dating



When you think about it, the job search is a lot like a relationship, from the uncomfortable beginnings to the infidelity and the heart wrenching breakups — and everything in between.

Take a look at these parallels:

Wandering eye

You’ve been at a job for several years and you become bored. Suddenly, other jobs become more attractive — those amazing six-figures and that sexy healthcare package. It’s hard not to be seduced, especially with your current job no longer willing to give back.

Giving in to temptation

You begin looking elsewhere. Your current bosses are suspicious, asking why you had the equivalent of lip-stick on your collar — a tie you haven’t worn in years, as you come back from your secret interview. You began hiding the evidence, changing clothes before you get back into the office, telling your boss you would be “home” late.

Rebound relationship

Eventually you find what you were looking for and can do the one thing you can’t do with a girlfriend – give your two weeks’ notice. So you enter your new work relationship, excited and full of hope, but it turns out to be temporary; a fling. You find yourself single again.

Single life

You decide to live the bachelor life, freelancing for one company after another, but nothing permanent. Sometimes, you work two assignments in the same day; working so late you perform the dreadful walk of shame home at 6 a.m. in the same clothes you wore to work a day earlier.

Putting yourself on the market

You search for jobs, hoping a company would like what they see. You get a look or two and give them your number, waiting patiently at home hoping the phone will ring. Taking matters into your own hands, you send out emails. “Just give me a chance!” Begging is not attractive. They might have been interested, but you just turned them off.

First dates only

Occasionally, a company will call you back and tell you they had time for an interview, but you needed to be there in two hours — the equivalent of a booty call. Agreeing to the interview makes you look desperate and you will probably never hear from that company again.


You find the company you have been looking for. Maybe it happened unexpectedly. Maybe you and the new company flirted a bit in the past and now you are ready to give each other a chance. It starts off slow with a probationary period, but eventually, you are staying until all hours of the night. You bring work home. Before you know it, you are married to your job. This is the one…until another company checks out your profile. Then it starts all over again.

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