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See New York's wealth inequality like you've never seen it before

Large 3D bar graphs show that people living

Large 3D bar graphs show that people living near Central Park are some of the most wealthy in Manhattan. Credit: NYers living near Central Park are some of Manhattan's wealthiest. (Nickolay Lamm of

Wealth inequality in New York City has many visual manifestations, from the elegant facades of luxury buildings to the plethora of fine dining restaurants and pricey boutiques that populate certain neighborhoods.

But Nickolay Lamm of envisions inequality in a different way.

In his recent photo set "What If You Could See Inequality?," the artist and researcher reconceives the New York City skyline to illustrate the extensive wealth inequality that exists across Manhattan, where areas bordering Central Park house some of the city’s wealthiest people.

“We all know that some have more than others, but this project, I believe, puts the striking differences in perspective,” Lamm told amNewYork in an email.

Using Google Earth and data from a New York City net worth map, Lamm takes images from various angles around the city and superimposes 3-dimensional columns at heights that coincide with the section’s median net worth, so the higher the columns, the wealthier the area. Paired with the original photos, the results reveal a landscape drastically different from our iconic city skyline.

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