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Six days in, no verdict in cops' rape case


attached Credit: Jefferson Siegel

Jurors in the trial of two NYPD cops involved in an on-duty rape of a East Village fashion executive wrapped up their sixth day of deliberations Wednesday after making a couple of odd inquiries.

The panel of five women and seven men first queried whether a person’s testimony alone “can be considered fact,” to which the Manhattan Supreme Court judge overseeing the case told them that they are able to use testimony to determine fact.

The jurors then asked for copies of the judge’s description of the 15 charges in the indictment, something they previously had been told was not allowed, according to the New York Post.

And before the day wrapped up, the jurors reportedly requested photographs of the East 13th Street apartment where the alleged 2008 rape by Officer Kenneth Moreno, 43, took place while his partner, Franklin Mata, 29, served as lookout.

The officers have denied the allegations.

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