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Six ways to drop winter bloat before spring getaways



As springtime approaches, many of us have warm-weather destinations on the brain and plan to hit the gym hard. However, all the exercise in the world won't give you a bikini body if you're not eating and hydrating properly. That said, fitness and wellness expert and go-to celeb trainer David Kirsch (david offers these tips to try leading up to your warm-weather jaunt.

1. Skip breakfasts that are full of sugar or white flour. Instead, eat a protein-heavy meal by combining a cup of steel-cut oats with mixed berries, which will keep you full.

2. Avoid dairy, which can make you look and feel bloated.

3. Nix soda (yes, even diet). Instead, drink water, green tea or Kirsch's Thermo Bubbles.

4. Avoid fruit, which can bloat you. Instead, stick to greens such as spinach, kale and asparagus (the MVP of natural diuretics).

5. Abstain from salty snacks - they'll make you look and feel puffy. Instead, snack on almonds, peppers and celery.

6. Abstain from alcohol and anything high in sugar. These will spike your blood sugar and cause an energy crash.

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