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Slow pace expected for resumed trash collection


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That mountain of trash that’s been collecting in front of your home since the blizzard hit more than a week ago may not be hauled away as quickly as you’d hope.

Even though the city will start picking up trash Monday, only those who have regularly scheduled Monday collections and those who have cleared the snow enough to for the city to access the garbage will have a shot at having their rubbish hauled off before the day’s out.

Compounding the problem is that only half the number of trucks will be used for garbage collection as the sanitation department is still focused on snow removal, agency officials said yesterday.

“There are possible areas we won’t finish, (but) on Tuesday we will continue to collect trash,” said spokesman Keith Mellis. Collection should improve as the week goes on, and New Yorkers are advised to put out trash only on their regularly scheduled days.

That’s little relief for most people who are tired of the street-side stink that is starting to block access to sidewalks.

“Oh my God! ... I want to see it disappear!” said Kelly Bronson, a doorman on 35th street when he was told his building isn’t scheduled for garbage pickup until at least Tuesday. “They need to get up off their hands and focus on the real picture here. With the garbage, comes rats.”

Outer borough council members also expressed frustration yesterday that after it took the city longer to clear their streets of snow than in Manhattan, they now have to deal with the sluggish pace of trash removal.

“When you add the anticipated pace of garbage pick up it’s a frustrating time for people,” said Bronx Councilman James Vacca.

West Village resident Charles Bay, 32, said he’s fed up with the noticeable eyesore on the city streets.

“It used to be fluffy, white snow and garbage,” he said. “Now it’s just garbage and brown snow. It’s gross. I don’t want to see it.”

(With Sheila Anne Feeney)

4-1-1 on Monday's trash pickup:
- Pickup is limited to those with regular Monday collections
- Recyclables will not be collected
- Christmas trees will be removed
- Trash cans should not be buried in the snow

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