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Small biz: Need some help? Get an 'agent'

agent anything

agent anything

What do you get when you combine Priceline, and Craigslist? An online marketplace that matches odd jobs with the college students willing to do them.

Launched last month, Agent Anything offers currently enrolled students (agents) the chance to earn cash completing tasks that time- or skill-challenged New Yorkers can’t. Agents with a valid university e-mail can view online job postings (missions), accept the price offer or submit their own.

Founders Harry Schiff, 23, who splits his time between New York and Montreal, and Oliver Green, 26, who lives near London, run the company virtually from their respective homes.

“This is a business that needs volume,” Schiff said. “And if you’re going to test a product, New York is the place.” The service markets through social media, Google and subway ads.

Agent Andrew Mireles, a Manhattan College junior, has completed two missions: flyer distribution (three hours, $40) and recycling old electronics (90 minutes, $15).

“At this time, I’m so consumed with schoolwork I don’t have time to spend eight hours a day at a counter job,” he said. “This lets me work around my schedule, and it’s an easy way to make a few bucks.”

Schiff said the missions have ranged from picking up groceries to constructing Excel worksheets, researching vacation options and film production assistance.

Jill Goldstein, 39, an Upper West Side mother of 6-year-old twins, used the service to find someone to recycle her old electronics. She was matched with Mireles.

“It went very smoothly, and I felt so happy to have the stuff out,” she said. “I’m already thinking about what else I need to have done.”

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