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NewsNew York

Snow way! Icy mess will wallop city



Just in time for Groundhog Day, New York is bracing for yet another winter storm starting early Tuesday– and this one promises to be a big icy mess.

The storm that will wallop the city with snow, sleet and rain is the same system that has carved a historically snowy path across the country. In New York, however, warmer air will keep the precipitation mixed for much of the two-day event, which should end by Wednesday night. That blend of ice and rain will keep totals to 4 to 8 inches, but authorities were still concerned about the dangers posed by icing on roads, sidewalks and power lines, especially Tuesday afternoon.

The bad weather Wednesday morning, which is Groundhog Day,  could actually harbor good news: Staten Island Chuck will not see his shadow, meaning winter is on the wane. But given long-term forecasts of winter storms into April, Chuck won’t be fooling anyone.

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