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Sofia Coppola on 'Somewhere'



When it comes to making movies, Sofia Coppola is a world traveler. Her projects have taken her to 1970s Michigan (“The Virgin Suicides”), modern-day Japan (“Lost In Translation”) and 18th-century France (“Marie Antoinette”).

For her fourth film, however, Francis Ford’s daughter stays closer to home. The Hollywood-set “Somewhere” depicts the relationship between a movie star (Stephen Dorff) — living at the Chateau Marmont — and his 12-year-old daughter (Elle Fanning).

amNewYork spoke with the 39-year-old California native, now living in New York.

Why Hollywood? I had lived in L.A., I didn’t grow up there, but I had lived there when I was younger. I was thinking about L.A., and I would see things in magazines, the Chateau Marmont, thinking about how it was different and how it was similar to when I lived there.

What drew you to Stephen Dorff? I feel like because the character is very flawed and could be unlikable, it needs someone [likable]. I know Stephen from real life as a sweet, genuine person, so I thought that would come through and bring heart to the character.

How have you found living in New York? I like New York because there’s a mix of a lot of people in different things, and L.A. is so focused on the film business. … It’s nice, because I work in that world, not to be involved in it all the time.

Have you considered setting a film here? I always feel like I have to write about a place that I’m far from, so I feel like if I’m living in New York I might not write about [it].

Stephen Dorff also spoke to us about what starring in “Somewhere” meant to him:

“I found this to be the most challenging part I’ve ever played. ... This is just a story about a man that’s lost. ... This was a really bad time for me in my life. I had just come from losing my mom and Sofia really rescued me with this role.”

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