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State judge halts part of NYU's $6B expansion plan

NYU plan

NYU plan

A state judge Tuesday blocked part of NYU’s $6 billion Greenwich Village expansion plan for using park land without state approval.

State Supreme Court Judge Donna Mills ruled that parcels of land the city had argued is mapped for streets had long been treated as Parks Department property by officials and locals.

The judge noted that NYU can get approval from the state legislature to use the three disputed parcels or move its construction staging area elsewhere.

“This is a huge victory for the Greenwich Village community, preserving this historic neighborhood and protecting its cherished, precious parkland,” said Randy Mastro, the lawyer representing the expansion plan’s opponents, which includes community groups, NYU faculty and residents.

The Law Department is reviewing the decision.

NYU spokesman John Beckman hailed the decision as a victory for rejecting five out of six claims against the 20-year, two million square-foot expansion the City Council approved in July 2012.

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