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Station agents blast MTA board, TWU looks to save them

Subway station agents spat venom at the MTA board Wednesday over their upcoming layoffs.

“Why don’t one of you guys take a pay cut and keep us employed,” Sharon Allen, a station agent of six years, told the board at their meeting.

The MTA is laying off 600 agents by May to save $21 million a year. The layoffs are a done deal and not part of the $93 million in service cuts the board approved Wednesday, but that didn’t stop the vitriol.

“I do more than sell MetroCards. I save lives,” said an angry Sabrina Greenwood, 38, another station agent.

This week, transit union officials have been meeting with top Albany legislators to push for funding to save the agents’ jobs, amNewYork has learned. Lawmakers said the state budget is grim, but agreed that the subway workers are vital for safety.

“Train riders need people in the system to help them,” said Assemblyman Richard Brodsky (D-Westchester).

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