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Steelers' rallying cry: Win one for Flozell Adams

Flozell Adams

Flozell Adams Credit: Getty Images

Giants fans wavering in their allegiance to NFC participant Green Bay in Super Bowl XLV might want to consider this: The Steelers have made Flozell Adams a rallying point.

Adams, the former 340-pound Cowboys tackle reviled in these parts as the man who ruined Giants defensive end Justin Tuck’s left shoulder in 2009, is trying to win his first Super Bowl ring on his old team’s field. The 13-year veteran had only one postseason victory in a dozen years with Dallas.

The team has taken up the cause. On the flight in to Dallas on Monday, the offensive linemen paid Adams tribute by wearing his No. 76 Michigan State throwback jersey. And during the media access Wednesday at the Steelers’ team hotel, quarterback Ben Roethlisberger said winning the Super Bowl in the stadium of America’s Team would be extra special because of Adams’ quest.

“For me, yes, it’ll be special because of Flozell,” Roethlisberger said. “I know Steelers fans are excited for the old traditions and rivalries, but for me it’s about winning one for Flozell at Cowboys Stadium. For him, that would be awesome.”

Probably not so much for Giants fans. It was Adams’ outstretched leg in the Giants’ Week 2 win over Dallas two seasons ago that sent Tuck flying onto his shoulder. Tuck, who called the trip “bush league,” sat the rest of the game and played the remainder of the schedule in pain. The injury required offseason surgery.

Adams got off with a $12,500 fine, only one of a slew of fines the tackle received over his career for dirty tactics.

Adams is not the only unseemly character the Packers will face. Linebacker James Harrison was fined $125,000 this season for his ultra-violent playing style. The lost wages left him in no mood for Super Bowl week frivolity.

“I just want to tackle them softly on the ground, and if y’all can, we’ll lay a pillow down when I tackle them so they won’t go to the ground too hard,” Harrison said sarcastically at Tuesday’s Media Day.

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