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Straphanger on travel mess: 'All of this was predictable'


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Determined to get to her yoga classes, instructor Suzanne Taylor has been crisscrossing Manhattan on foot.

“It’s a little nightmarish,” Taylor, 49, of Weehawken, N.J, said Wednesday.

Since a massive blizzard buried the city Sunday, Taylor said she’d rather walk several miles than wait for trains or buses that don't show.

“The N and R (lines) were atrocious,” she said, adding that MTA workers weren’t helpful when she asked about service delays.

Bill Bakeman, 47, of Park Slope, which is still one of the messiest parts of the city, said it’s been a challenge just walking to the subway with huge mountains of snow everywhere.

To restore bus service more quickly, the MTA should have hired their own private plowing crews instead of relying on the city to plow streets, he said.

“The MTA did a horrible job,” he said. “All of this was predictable."

Gene Russianoff of the Straphangers Campaign questioned why the MTA allowed buses to travel in the blizzard in the first place.

Some 1,000 buses got stuck in the snow around the city, the MTA has said.

“I am convinced they will learn lessons from this,” he said.

The MTA said whether buses should have been out "is one of the issues the agency will address in the post mortem," said spokeswoman Deirdre Parker.

"Right now our efforts are concentrated on restoring normal bus and subway service as quickly and safely as possible," she said.


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