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Straphangers announces slowest and least reliable buses


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The M42 is still a total tortoise, while catching the Bx41 is as predictable as a Lady Gaga outfit.

The Straphangers Campaign and Transportation Alternatives today named its annual “Pokey” and “Schleppie” award winners for the slowest and most unreliable bus routes in the city.

The M42, which also took home the golden snail statue last year, moves at a glacial 3.6 mph.

“Broadway boasts big stars and bright lights, and (it’s) a bus so slow that an actor could learn the part of Hamlet in the time it takes to ride the M42 from the U.N. to Times Square,” said Gene Russianoff, of the Straphangers Campaign.

The Bx41 is the spottiest. Almost one in four buses along the White Plains Road and Webster Avenue route arrived in groups or with long waits between them.

The number of “schleppie” bus routes has increased from four in 2009 to 11 this year, according to Straphangers.
The slowest bus rankings were based on actual bus rides on 29 routes, while transit statistics determined the least reliable routes.

More Select Bus Service can improve bus times, Russianoff said. Select Bus Service includes using bus lanes and having passengers pay before they board.

The MTA said it plans to implement Select Bus Service for the B44, increase the number of bus lanes, and give buses traffic signal priority.

“MTA NYC Transit is grateful for the Straphangers’ acknowledgment of improved service along routes where we have implemented Select Bus Service (SBS),” the MTA said in an email statement.

Slowest buses:

1. M42: 3.6 mph
2. M14A: 3.7 mph
3. M66: 4.0 mph
4. M79: 4.2 mph
5. M23: 4.2 mph

Slowest buses in each borough:

B35 between Sunset Park and Brownsville: 5.4 mph
Bx19 between Botanical Gardens in the Bronx and Harlem: 5.1 mph
M42 across Midtown on 42nd St: 3.6 mph
Q58 between Ridgewood and Flushing/Main Street: 6.6 mph
S48 between Richmond Terrace and St. George Ferry Terminal: 8.2 mph

Fastest buses:

1. S79: 11.8 mph
2. S53: 10.6 mph
3. Q27: 9.9 mph
4. SBS BX12: 8.6 mph
5. Q44 Ltd.: 8.4 mph

Schleppiest buses: more than 1 in 5 arrived significantly off-schedule

1. BX41
2. M101/2/3
3. S78
4. B44
5. B41





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