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Street-vendor group supports letter-grade system for food trucks


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The letter-grading system that has become popular with city diners -- and a bane to some restaurateurs -- could be headed for street vendor trucks and carts.

And at least one industry rep is giving the idea high marks.

"Most mobile food vendors want letter grades, just like restaurants receive," Sean Basinski, director of the Street Vendor Project of the Urban Justice Center, said in a statement Sunday. "The vast majority of them sell clean, delicious food -- and they want to be recognized for that."

The group represents more than 1,200 street vendors. Its support of the system comes after state Sen. Jose Peralta (D-Queens) told The New York Post he will introduce a measure this week requiring hot dog vendors and the like to post grades after getting inspected.

Fines would start at $50 for street meat peddlers who fail to post their grades, The Post reported Sunday.

Peralta could not be reached for comment Sunday.

In August, Mayor Michael Bloomberg said he supported giving vendors grades.

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