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Cops: One rider hurt after debris tossed on tracks derails subway train 

Damage is seen on the derailed uptown A

Damage is seen on the derailed uptown A train at the 14th Street-8th Avenue station in Manhattan on Sunday morning. Credit: Twitter/David Lavine

A 30-year-old Bronx man was charged Sunday after the NYPD said he tossed debris onto New York City subway tracks, causing a northbound A train to derail in the 14th Street-8th Avenue station in Manhattan.

One person who suffered injuries walked to a nearby hospital but the other 130 or so passengers on the train when it left the tracks were not injured, police said.

New York City Transit interim president Sarah Feinberg said the cause of the derailment appears to be "an act of vandalism."

Feinberg said the train derailed at 8:17 a.m. Sunday after it came into contact with debris on the roadbed as it pulled into the station.

Demetrius Harvard, of Mapes Avenue, was charged with reckless endangerment, criminal mischief, assault and criminal trespass

Parts of the train's lead car appear to have been ripped open by the crash.

"As the train was coming to a stop in the station after striking the debris, the train's first car scraped four columns that separate the northbound express track from the southbound express track," Feinberg said. "The 134 passengers on board were safely evacuated from the train. NYC Transit personnel are inspecting the train and the tunnel structure."

The derailment caused a loss of power to all four tracks in the 14th Street station, while another A train got stuck in tunnels near the 34th Street station, Feinberg said. Passengers were removed from that train via a side-to-side transfer to a local train by 9:50 a.m., which then carried them to 34th Street, Feinberg said.

The transit chief said the derailment would cause extensive delays on several train lines throughout Sunday. It was unclear if express service will be available for the Monday rush.

"New York City Transit personnel will work around the clock to rerail the incident train, inspect several hundred feet of track, columns and third rail for damage and make necessary repairs, with the goal of restoring full service as soon as possible," Feinberg said.

Police said the incident remains under investigation.

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