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Summer beauty secrets from the pros



The pro: James Boehmer, director of Global Artistry for NARS

Bronzer 411
Attention: bronze-aholics. Don’t slather on the shimmery stuff to give yourself an automatic tan. “Bronzer should be used to warm and sculpt the face -- it never should be used to alter the color of the skin and be applied like a powder,” Boehmer says. To bronze correctly, use a large brush to apply product to the cheekbones, hairline, jaw and bridge of the nose.

Pink pucker
The lip color to wear this season — which Boehmer says looks great on all skin tones -- is a matte fuchsia or hot pink. Why matte? It lasts longer than other formulas and creates a contrast against a fresh, dewy summer look. For the perfect pucker, line lips with a lip-liner, then fill in the entire mouth. Blot and apply a bit of loose powder to soften the line and diffuse color, and lastly apply lipstick. Keep the rest of the makeup simple: a groomed brow, glowing skin, lots of mascara and a warm-tone blush.

Keep that makeup on
Always apply a primer before putting on makeup and set with a powder afterward. “Makeup is all about layering. Prime skin before applying complexion products such as concealer and foundation. Powder is the most important product to keep makeup looking fresh and keeping it on,” Boehmer says. Also keep things light and transparent with cream textures and sheer products when the mercury climbs.

Have fun with color
“Summer is the time we wear more color in our clothing and reveal more skin. Do the same with makeup. Pick one feature and go with it — have fun with color and don’t take it so seriously. I love a touch of green or blue on the eyes. Think aquatic, marine-inspired colors.”
(Julie Gordon)

The pro: Joel Warren, owner of Warren-Tricomi Salons and celebrity colorist

Wash and go
If the thought of blow-drying your hair during the summer makes you break out into a sweat, here’s a trick to letting hair dry naturally – and looking good. Work gel through wet hair — the formula depends on hair type — flip your head upside down and then use a towel to create a turban. “And then get dressed, do your makeup and all that kind of stuff,” Warren says. Before you remove the towel, blow your hair by putting the dryer into the top of the towel for a few minutes. Take off the turban and use fingers to place the hair, which should be 90 percent dry at this point.

Say goodbye to frizz
“The most important thing is the health of your hair, especially in the summertime because that’s when your hair gets the most beaten up because you’re washing it a lot, swimming, exposing it to the elements,” Warren says. His solution for improving hair health also gets rid of frizz: his salon’s Absolute Frizz Control (available to do yourself at home or in the salon), an all-natural keratin treatment that makes hair smooth, shiny and soft, and infuses your locks with aloe vera, Vitamin E, chamomile and other ingredients for “the ultimate conditioning treatment.”

Fun with feathers
Taking a cue from Steven Tyler, the hottest hair trend to try this summer is small, subtle feathers. “Feathers are really cool — they’re the newest revolution of extensions,” Warren says. If you get feathers professionally placed at a salon, they’ll last about two months and can be washed, blow-dried and curled. Or, for a less permanent effect, buy a clip-on. (JG)

The pro: Michelle Sturiale, airbrush-tanning expert at Rita Hazan salon

Prep that skin!
If you're using a self-tanner to get a glow, it's key to have a smooth canvas to work on. “Use a gentle exfoliator to get rid of dead, dry skin before applying any products, says Sturiale. If you're opting for professional spray tan, it's key to get any other beauty treatments — such as waxing and mani/pedis — a few days before. “Waxing especially should be done two days prior with two showers between your waxing session and your tanning session," advises Sturiale.

DIY tips
If you're using an at-home tanner, it's imperative to be conscious of your hairline, which Sturiale suggests prepping with a thin coat of Vaseline. From there, tanners should be applied from the bottom of the body, doing the front of the legs first and then the back of the legs. “Use the excess on your hands to lightly brush hands and feet without actually rubbing it in,” Sturiale says. Instead of waiting around to let the tan dry on its own, Sturiale suggests using a hairdryer on your body before dressing. While there are lots of great tanning products on the market, Sturiale likes St. Tropez's line because it includes Aromaguard. "It's the same as Febreze — it tricks your brain into not smelling that 'spray tan' smell and it includes aloe vera because DHA can be drying.

Beware of sun
Just because you're bronzed doesn't mean you're protected from getting sunburn. “So many self tanners don't contain SPF, so you can still get burned,” Sturiale warns.

Who knew!?
According to Sturiale, the PH balance in women's bodies actually can affect the color of your spray tan, often lessening it during menstrual cycles.

Too much?
A little lemon juice combined with baking soda will remove excess self-tanner. (Perrie Samotin)

The Pro: Celebrity manicurist Skyy Hadley

Let it shine
Although the sun often dries out your skin and hair, it’s actually great for your nails. “The sun nourishes your skin and nails causing nails to actually grow faster during the summer,” notes Hadley. In terms of products to suit your nails this summer, Hadley suggests switching from a heavy cuticle cream to a lighter liquid cuticle moisturizer.

Brighten up
Eye-popping bright nails seem to be making the most waves this summer, says Hadley. “[My favorite] shade for summer is definitely Zoya Matte Polish in Lolly. It’s a bold, vibrant shade of pink that will have heads turning,” she adds. For those less bold, she suggests a clear base polish that shines with some iridescent glitter.

Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize
“This is going to be a very hot summer. Be sure to make the most of the sun’s heat by moisturizing your hands daily and letting the sun’s heat help the cream penetrate through. My current obsession is Mary Kay Satin Hands products!” Hadley says. (PS)

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