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Surprise! Lindsay Lohan heading back to jail

Shawn Chapman Holley, (L) and Lindsay Lohan during

Shawn Chapman Holley, (L) and Lindsay Lohan during Lohan's probation violation hearing. (Getty) Credit: Shawn Chapman Holley, (L) and Lindsay Lohan during Lohan's probation violation hearing. (Getty)

Lindsay Lohan is headed back to the slammer, and if she's not careful she could be there for a very long time.

A Los Angeles judge Wednesday sentenced the chronically troubled starlet to 300 days in jail for probation violation, 30 days of which she must serve starting Nov. 9.

After that 30 days - which an official said she's likely to serve only one night - the rest of her sentence is stayed, so long as she can fulfill her community service at the morgue and psychotherapy sessions Judge Stephanie Sautner handed her. If she slips up even once, she gets the full 270 days behind bars.

This "sentence is known as 'putting the keys to the jail in the defendant's hands,'" Sautner told Lohan. "From what I can see of you, you need structure, and this is structure."

Lohan, 25, dressed demurely in a blue-and-white polka dot dress, answered "yes" to the judge's questions on whether she understood the sentence. At various times she appeared on the verge of tears. She left the courtroom without comment, and her spokesman said there would be no statement.

Her probation stems from her conviction earlier this year for stealing a gold necklace from a jewelry story. The "Mean Girls" star was sentenced to 480 hours community service at a Los Angeles women's shelter and at the county morgue.

In court yesterday, prosecutors said Lohan had canceled 12 of her 20 scheduled sessions at the women's center and missed 14 of 19 scheduled psychotherapy appointments, which is why the judge came down on her so hard.

Lohan's attorney didn't return requests for comment.

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