A suspect connected to a Pakistani militant group who claims to be an accomplice of alleged Times Square car bomber Faisal Shahzad has been arrested by the Pakistani government, The Washington Post reported Friday.

Citing U.S. officials, the Post said the man provided evidence that the Pakistani Taliban was behind the failed bombing attempt by Shahzad on May 1.

Those officials told the Post the suspect admitted to helping Shahzad, 30, a Pakistan-born U.S. citizen living in Bridgeport, Conn., travel into the Waziristan region of Pakistan to attend a terrorist training camp - where Shahzad reportedly received bomb-making advice.

The report by the Post comes one day after federal agents staged a series of raids on Long Island and in New Jersey, Massachusetts and Maine and arrested three men on immigration violations, searching for financial links to Shahzad and his alleged plot.

No one was arrested as agents executed search warrants in Centereach and Shirley on Thursday morning in conjunction with those raids.

Authorities have been searching for financial links and examining computer, phone and communications records in an attempt to establish ties between Shahzad and the Pakistani Taliban.

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The United States has launched drone attacks on suspected militant camps in Waziristan this week, and Afghan police, backed by NATO forces, have conducted ground attacks in Afghanistan. All told, more than 100 suspected militants have been killed in those attacks, according to reports citing military officials.

The Post reports that a U.S. intelligence official, who was not identified, said the suspect in custody in Pakistan is believed to have ties to Tehrik-i-Taliban, a Pakistan Taliban militant group.

Intelligence officials have said the group, whose terrorist attacks are said to include a role in the December 2007 assassination of Pakistani Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto, had never launched an attack within the United States - before the attempted car bombing of Times Square by Shahzad.

The group has links to al-Qaida, officials have said.

The Post said U.S. officials have declined to identify the suspect in custody in Pakistan, but described him as a facilitator for the Pakistani Taliban - and said American investigators have had access to him.

The Post reports that U.S. investigators have been better able to understand the alleged plot to bomb Times Square by comparing the accounts given by the suspect with those given them by Shahzad. Those officials told the Post that the accounts have largely been consistent.