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Talking foot health with Larry Schwartz

The Aetrex Cindi is American Podiatric Medical Association

The Aetrex Cindi is American Podiatric Medical Association approved. Credit: The Aetrex Cindi is American Podiatric Medical Association approved.

It’s spring, and everyone wants to wear their favorite sandals.

While a lot of thought goes into what shoes to wear, not enough goes into considering how the shoes will affect your health.

But foot health is important, according to Larry Schwartz, a certified pedorthist, or specialist in therapeutic footwear, and CEO of Aetrex Worldwide Inc., a shoewear brand.

What do sandal-wearing women need to be wary of? I would recommend [not] wearing flip-flops too much. We hear of a lot of foot problems in the summer because of overuse of flip-flops. We recommend purchasing sandals that provide arch support, cushioning and have an anatomical shape that do not constrict your feet.

Why is taking care of your feet important? The feet are the foundation for our bodies. When our feet hurt, we hurt all over. The good news is that most common foot conditions can be prevented by wearing the right shoes. … By knowing your proper shoe size, your arch type and where the pressure points on your feet are, you can find the right footwear products to have you feeling good on your feet at all times.

What can happen to women who wear heels without support? Common foot conditions from [wearing heels] include bunions, hammer toes, metatarsalgia and plantar fasciitis. One of the unique things about Aetrex is that we design fashion-forward heels that provide the support and cushioning that women need to get through their day in comfort.

What are some tips you have for those of us who have to wear heels? Alternate between comfortable shoes and uncomfortable shoes? Wear sneakers on the way to work? The key is to wear footwear that fits your feet properly. When it comes to high heels, there are plenty of choices and options to choose from. What we recommend is, limit the high-fashion, extra-high heels to the few occasions every month when you feel you need them. For your day-to-day, find stylish heels that provide health benefits for your feet, such as arch support in the midfoot or memory foam foot beds. Aetrex isn’t the only brand to offer this type of footwear. By being a little picky and spending a little more time searching for the right shoes for your feet, there are ways for women to look and feel their best.

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