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Talking Williamsburg with Kerry Bishe

Kerry Bishé loves living in Williamsburg.

We caught up with the former “Scrubs” actress, now starring in Ed Burns’ new flick, “Nice Guy Johnny,” opening on Friday as part of the Tribeca Film Festival, to find out where she hangs in her Brooklyn nabe.

Why’d you choose the hood?
It’s an ad hoc community from my college [Northwestern]. Everyone moved here. I’m within 15 minutes’ walking distance of all my friends.

Where do you go for brunch?
Phoebe’s on Graham Street. It’s right up the street from me and the huevos rancheros are the best.

Favorite dinner spot?
Diner is the best. Anything on the menu will be your best meal all year. Also, the wait staff is legendarily attractive, as long as you like hipsters.

What’s your go-to watering hole?
The Abbey is our bar, on Driggs and North Eighth Street.

Ever check out live music?
Pete’s Candy Store comes to mind. Also, at Matchless. Every single one of my friends is in at least one band, so there’s always something going on.

Best shopping?
Stella Dallas, on North Sixth Street, is the best vintage shopping. I have several things I really love, and they come from that place.

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