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The 'Best' 'Trek' treat

Patrick Stewart

Patrick Stewart Credit: Patrick Stewart (Paramount Pictures)

If you’re eager to see “Star Trek” on the big screen, you don’t need to wait until May for “Into Darkness” — you can check out one of the franchise’s finest moments in theaters tonight.

“The Best of Both Worlds,” which joins the two-episode story line from “Star Trek: Next Generation,” is also out on Blu-ray Tuesday (in addition to the Blu-ray of season three of “Next Generation.”)

The episodes have Captain Jean-Luc Picard (Patrick Stewart) captured by the menacing Borg, who assimilate him into their bio-organic fold. It’s up to Commander William Riker — who gets a promotion to captain for these episodes — and the crew to get him back and save the day.

amNewYork spoke with Jonathan Frakes, who plays Riker, about the episodes.

What did this story mean to your character? I thought it was a great turning point for Riker. And to face his personal demons about wanting to take over as the captain of a ship, he had to face his fear of authority and be strong and heroic in light of his friendship with Picard.

Were you excited to get a promotion to captain? Of course. I got to sit in Patrick’s chair! Come on!

Was it comfy? It’s ... fit to his body and butt so it wasn’t great.

What do you think about the Blu-ray transfer? It blows my mind... especially the visual effects. And I love what they’ve done with the opening title sequence ... I’m told it looks fabulous on the big screen.

How do the Borg rate as “Star Trek” villains? I think the Borg are our greatest nemesis. I’m a big fan of Q as well, but I think the Borg are first.

Do you have any favorite memories from the episodes? I remember that it was always fun when Whoopi [Goldberg] came on the show. She was so special to us and the show was so special to her because she told stories about growing up and being inspired by Uhura [from the original “Star Trek” series].

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