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The internet is going to choose the name of this woman's baby


amny Credit: Natasha Hill (via Facebook)

Would you let the internet name your baby? Twenty-six-year-old Natasha Hill would.

The West Los Angeles schoolteacher won $5,000 from a contest on, with the caveat that she would let online voters choose her baby’s name.

Hill will have no influence on the names on the ballot, and the list of potential names will be based "on current trending names and Advertiser Sponsorships." Voting will take place between March 18 to March 22.

Hill said she hopes voters will choose "something unique and nice," but her boyfriend is less open to the idea.

"He thinks people are going to use it as a chance to do something pranky," Hill told NBC.

Her boyfriend recalls the internet’s previous attempts at naming children, particularly a Facebook contest in which a man promised to name his son "Batman" if his page reach 500,000 likes. The page exceeded its goal by over 200,000.

Despite her confidence in the voters’ decision, Hill will not check the website, even to see what names make the final list.

“I’m afraid if I look at them I’ll get my favorite one,” Hill said. “And then I’ll be disappointed.”

Fortunately, if she dislikes the decided name, Hill has one last resort.

"There’s always a nickname," she said.

[h/t Buzzfeed

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