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The iPhone was designed in California and the Moto X was born in the USA: Should we care?

iPhone 5

iPhone 5 Credit: iPhone 5 (Getty Images)

On my person right now, I have a Fuji camera made in Japan, New Balance sneakers made in Indonesia, and Orbit gum from Canada.

I'd take my pants off and check where they came from, but I don't want to create an HR problem here at Minyanville's global headquarters.

So does "Made in America" matter any more?

I would say no, judging by America's collective addiction (present company included) to cheap goods produced in markets like China.

Nonetheless, the two most dominant technology companies on planet Earth -- Apple Inc. and Google Inc. -- have been making efforts at reflecting some level of patriotism.

The back of my iPhone says "Designed by Apple in California" -- a phrase the company considers a signature.

And in fact, the company recently released a 60-second commercial under that name, in which it outlines its design manifesto:

The commercial bombed. Our friends over at Bloomberg reported that this ad scored very poorly in terms of effectiveness -- the worst of 26 Apple TV ads aired over the past year, and actually below the industry average.

It's not hard to see why. The ad is sanctimonious and braggadocious.
As a comparison, take a look at what I would consider two of Apple's best ads.

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