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The secret world of U.S. Navy SEALs

Navy SEALs during in a drill off the

Navy SEALs during in a drill off the coast of Iraq in 2003. Credit: Getty

They’ve been heroes since World War II, but the capture and killing of
Osama bin Laden will earn the Navy SEALs a special place in the hearts
of Americans.

The mission to take bin Laden from his Pakistani hideaway was carried
out by an elite unit of 24 SEALs from Virginia Beach called SEAL Team

What we may never know, however, is who fired the bullet — two,
actually, according to reports — that eliminated America’s No. 1 enemy
after a nearly decade-long manhunt.

Historically, the highly trained SEALs have been cloaked in secrecy,
carrying out some of the most daring missions in the nation’s history.
Even their family members don’t know when their loved one is a SEAL —
it’s as secretive as the CIA, said Ward Carroll, editor of and a Navy veteran.

“These are the guys who train for very specific missions,” he said.
“It’s a highly specific skill set, walking into a room and shooting
the right guy.

“If you can imagine SEALs cooler than regular SEALs — it’s these guys.”

And the hero who killed bin Laden likely is perfectly fine with
staying anonymous and not getting the Medal of Honor from President
Barack Obama, Carroll said.

“I guarantee you, he doesn’t want you to know,” he said.

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