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'The Wake' an underwater epic

"The Wake" Credit: "The Wake"

One of the biggest action epics of the summer won’t be on the big screen — it’s on the pages of “The Wake,” a new comic series from Vertigo, created by writer Scott Snyder and artist Sean Murphy.

The first issue, which came out yesterday, focuses on marine biologist Lee Archer, who is brought in by the Department of Homeland Security to investigate an underwater mystery.

“She’s one of my favorite creations,” says Snyder, who currently writes “Batman” and, starting June 13, a new comic called “Superman Unchained.”

“She’s called in to investigate this discovery that’s been made … She has some very deep personal secrets that come out as the story goes forward and will link her to the discovery in ways that will be surprising and fun.”

And, Murphy adds, “she’s tough, she’s definitely mom tough.”

Archer will need to be tough, as Snyder and Murphy — who will be signing copies of the book at Midtown Comics Downtown tomorrow — are building a complex story around what Snyder calls “a terrifying and wondrous discovery.” The story touches on myths and folklore about the ocean — stories about monsters and gods, he says.

Of course, having an artist with whom you work well is essential for a comic writer. Murphy brings a dynamic, visceral style to the book, and, importantly, draws awesome water scenes.

“Nobody I know draws water better than [Sean].” Snyder says. “I’m teasing him, but I mean it totally sincerely.

You feel yourself going down deep in the ocean and it’s scary and exciting at the same time the way he draws it.

Scott Snyder and Sean Murphy will sign “The Wake” No. 1 at Midtown Comics Downtown Friday from 7-9 p.m., 64 Fulton St., 212-302- 8192, purchase of the comic is preferred, but not required.

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