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The week on Broadway: Pee-wee keeps theater freezing

Pee-wee Herman

Pee-wee Herman Credit: Getty

When I attended “The Pee-wee Herman Show” a few weeks ago, the Stephen Sondheim Theatre so cold that audience members had to keep their coats
on. The box office staff, which is hearing complaints about the frosty temperature on a nightly basis, can do nothing about it. We hear that Paul Reubens is the one demanding that the theater be kept so cold.

“Paul Reubens has caused the creative and producing teams lots of aggravation,” a production source told us. “If I were to describe him as uncompromising, that might the politest way to give you a window into his nature.”

Liberty Theatre to become Tim Horton’s

The Liberty Theatre, one of the last remaining vacant theaters from the glory days of 42nd Street, is set to become a Tim Horton’s restaurant. The theater’s original entrance is already part of Madame Tussaud’s. The Liberty was once the site of such legendary musicals as
“Oh, Kay!” and “Little Johnny Jones.”

Julie Taymor agrees that ‘Spider-Man’ book needs improvement

Now that “Spider-Man” is operating on a purely technical level, Julie Taymor has finally admitted that that the show’s book needs to be improved. Of course, that’s putting more nicely than the bloggers, who have described the plot as unsatisfying, flawed, dull and perplexing.
Many have suggested that the ending should be entirely reworked and that a narrating “Geek Chorus” should be eliminated entirely. Opening night is now exactly one month away.

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