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Theater Review: 'Nobody Loves You' -- 1.5 stars

"Nobody Loves You"

"Nobody Loves You" Credit: "Nobody Loves You"

Nobody Loves You
1.5 stars

“Nobody Loves You” proves how a rock musical intended to parody reality television can be just as irritating and uninteresting — if not even more so — than the programming it was meant to deconstruct in the first place.

Itmar Moses and Gaby Alter’s 90-minute musical, which just opened Off-Broadway at Second Stage, begins on a far-fetched note with a young girl breaking up with her boyfriend, Jeff, who is trying to finish his dissertation, after he mocks “Nobody Loves You,” her favorite reality dating show.

Upon hearing that she will be appearing on the show as a contestant, Jeff manages to join the cast in an attempt to win her back. However, even when she fails to show up on the first day of shooting, Jeff sticks with it anyway, figuring that the experience could provide plenty of writing material. Once again, pretty far-fetched.

Jeff, who openly reveals his disgust for the show with home viewers, unexpectedly turns into its new star, especially when he attempts to romance a pretty production crew assistant instead of the other contestants.

Reality television is such an easy target for spoofing that “Nobody Loves You” fails to provide any new or valuable insight. More importantly, its songs, which contain bulky lyrics and bland, forgettable music, are pretty bad, and the characters tend to be superficial.

The supporting cast is made up of very appealing young actors, including Leslie Kritzer, Lauren Molina, Autumn Hurlbert and Rory O’Malley, all of whom get to show off their comedic skills, though they don’t land many laughs in light of the material itself.

It is only Aleque Reid, as the lowly production assistant Jenny, who de livers anything close to an honest, fully realized performance.

“Nobody Loves You” plays at Second Stage through Aug 11, 305 W. 43rd St., 212-246-4422,

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