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Three men arrested at Kennedy Airport after batons detected in luggage

Two Nassau men and one from North Carolina were arrested at Kennedy Airport Monday after Transportation Security Administration officers detected expandable batons in their carry-on and checked baggage, officials said.

Arrested were Robert Lorenzo, 42, of Little Neck, Chris Reale, 46, of Manhasset and Hector Aquino, 48, of, Fayetteville, North Carolina. The men were arrested at different terminals of the airport and all were charged with criminal possession of a weapon.

Lorenzo and Aquino, authorities said, brought the devices in their carry-on luggage and they were detected by screeners, while Reale's was detected by a machine that examines checked baggage.

The defendants' attorneys could not be reached for comment.

TSA officials distributed a news release announcing the arrests, which were made over a span of two hours by Port Authority police.

"Batons are illegal in New York City," said the release. "They are dangerous impact weapons used to strike another person. They also are known as expandable batons, telescopic batons, retractable batons and tactical batons. They are typically constructed from heavy metal tubing, which collapses together for carrying and can expand to full length with a flick of the wrist."

TSA officials said passengers should thoroughly examine their luggage before coming to the airport to make sure they are not carrying illegal or prohibited items.

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