Tiger Woods at the 2002 Masters tournament. (Photo: AP)

Tiger Woods will get back into the swing of things next month with the prestigious Masters tournament, sources told The Associated Press.

He’ll have a little help from ex-President George W. Bush’s trusted former flack, who will keep the focus on the golf legend’s game, not his adulterous rep, according to a published report.

Until the Augusta, Ga., tourney begins on April 5, however, Woods won’t compete on the green, sources said. There had been reports that Woods would play in either the Tavistock Cup or the Arnold Palmer Invitational, both later this month.

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Ari Fleischer, Bush’s former press secretary, will be there to guide the embattled athlete, the New York Post reported. Fleischer, who also aided in cleaning up baseball player Mark McGwire’s image post-steroid scandal, declined to comment on whether he was working with Tiger.

Woods, 34, has been practicing in Isleworth, Fla., not too far from the playboy’s mansion, according to the Post.

He last played competitively on Nov. 15, winning the Australian Masters. A fateful car crash two weeks later set off a stream of allegations that Woods is an adulterer.

(With AP)