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Tips for staying focused and motivated when life throws curveballs

Holistic wellness coach, nutrition consultant and author Jovanka

Holistic wellness coach, nutrition consultant and author Jovanka Ciares Credit: Holistic wellness coach, nutrition consultant and author Jovanka Ciares

We’ve all been there. Life gets ahead of you, work gets very busy, challenges arise. It can be easy to let things slide or to not give your all just to get the job done. But there are some simple tools we can all use to alleviate stress and help us accomplish our goals, even in the face of hardship.

That’s what Jovanka Ciares says. The holistic wellness coach, nutrition consultant and author shared with amNewYork her tips for staying focused and motivated.

1. Visualize your success.
Visualization is ... the best way to move away from negative thinking and stay motivated. Picture yourself successfully reaching your goal. Give yourself time to see yourself accomplishing every small goal until you reach your desired place.

2. Create a clean, written plan.
Organization and planning is key if you want to succeed. You must have a written, organized plan for your goals. Being organized ... will help you stay focused, motivated, on track and to follow through: something that many of us have problems doing.

3. Surround yourself with the right people.
When it comes to building my brand and business, I like to be in rooms where I may be one of the least smart people.

I want to be surrounded by people with higher experience, that can mentor me or teach me highly valuable lessons. The same applies for people with positive attitudes that believe in you. You don’t need naysayers telling you to get a grip or “get real.”

If they have nothing good to say, stop listening to them and move on to those that can give you constructive criticism and positive reinforcement. Those positive people will encourage you to pick yourself up, try harder and reach further than you knew you could.

4. Don’t live in the past.
What happened in the past needs to stay there. It’s gone, there’s nothing you can do about it, other than learn from it. What happened yesterday doesn’t define you, nor does it determine what will happen today.

5. Never Give Up.
Many highly successful people (Michael Jordan, Oprah Winfrey, Steve Jobs) had massive failures at first, but they kept trying and never gave up on their dream. Their dream may have evolved into something different from what they set out to do, but once they got there, they realized they were meant to do what they eventually accomplished. Remembering those that came before you will inspire you and keep you motivated, because there’s no reason why you couldn’t be that person, too! Have the attitude of those that are already in reach of their dream, and you will soon be there as well.

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