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Titans QB Chris Simms cleared in marijuana case

Titans quarterback Chris Simms

Titans quarterback Chris Simms Credit: Getty

Tennessee Titans quarterback Chris Simms got off scot-free in his driving-while-stoned case, the Manhattan district attorney’s office said Wednesday.

Simms, who was arrested for DWI last July after a cop smelled marijuana in his car at a SoHo checkpoint, was acquitted by a jury after an hour of deliberation.

“I’m very happy and relieved ... it is all over with,” Simms said on his way out of the courthouse. “I love the NYPD. I’m mad that this happened, but I love New York City.”

Simms, who is the son of Giants great Phil Simms, had his eight-months-pregnant wife Danielle and two friends in his car during the incident.

The case came down to Simms’ word versus the officer’s word. Simms’ wife didn’t testify and the quarterback refused to give a urine sample while in custody.

The officer, Francisco Acosta, testified that Simms confessed, saying: “I was smoking marijuana in the car earlier. I took four puffs.”

Assistant District Attorney Alexandra Glazer added: “[The officer] smelled marijuana on [Simms] breath ... your breath doesn’t smell like marijuana because someone in your car smoked a joint two hours earlier … That makes no sense.”

Simms denied the alleged confession, saying, “There were a lot of things portrayed falsely.”

Simms’ longtime friend Charlie Granatell testified he was the one smoking pot in the car.

Simms said the case was particularly hard on his wife.

“She’s been portrayed as the bad mother who lets her husband smoke marijuana and hot-box the car,” Simms said. “So that was rough on her.”


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